We are shortly auditioning for Royal Hunt of the Sun!  The play will be performed at the Gryphon Theatre between April 3rd – 13th 2019.  We need a cast of around 20 actors to tell this fabled story!

Audition DatesDecember 8th-9th, 10:00am

Where:  Brooklyn Scout Hall, 24 Harrison St, Brooklyn
(take the #7 bus to the Brooklyn Bus Hub, or a short 2 minute drive from the City)

Contact to book your slot!

This is the story of the conquest of Peru – the defeat by 167 men of a highly organized empire of 10 million people.  Francisco Pizarro is the embittered, defiant commander of the invading Spanish and Atahuallpa, is the Incan king, Sun god-upon-earth.  Between the two there grows a deep and understanding friendship.

The Spanish

All of the Spanish will be female characters.  Generally, they will be tough, belligerent, and individualistic in nature.  Each will be affiliated with one of the ‘factions’ in Spanish society: army, church, or crown.

Pizarro (40’s – 60’s): General, commander of the expedition.  Bitter, jaded, cynical.  A peasant risen through the ranks.  Feels that she owes nothing to Spain.

De Soto (mid 20’s – 40’s): Pizarro’s second in command.  Aristocratic, but reserved.  A deep thinker and strategist.

Estete (any age): Royal Overseer, the Queen’s representative on the expedition.  Arrogant and condescending.

De Candia (mid 30’s +): Artillery specialist, a mercenary.  Good humoured and vain, but dangerous.  A very efficient and professional soldier.

De Trujillo (20’s): Marshall of the Horse.  Enthusiastic, but inexperienced in battle.

Fra De Valverde (any age): Chaplain to the expedition, the church’s representative.  A wrathful evangelist.

Fra De Nizza (any age): De Valverde’s assistant.  Pleasant and thoughtful, genuinely caring.

Young Martin (late teens – early 20’s): Pizarro’s page.  Young, keen, stars in her eyes.

Old Martin (50’s +): Young Martin’s older self.  Jaded, cynical.  Acts as narrator.

Conscripted soldiers (all any age): varying degrees of enthusiasm for the expedition.

  • Salinas
  • Rodas
  • Vasca
  • Domingo
  • Juan Chavez

The Incas

All of the Incas will be male characters.  All, save Felipillo, will be ritualistic and stylized in their movements, and reserved in manner.  All deference is given to The Inca, Atahuallpa, and individual personalities are restricted.

Atahuallpa (mid 20’s – mid 30’s): The Royal Inca, the son of the Sun.  Supremely confident in his power to rule his people as a god incarnate.

Villac Umu (mid 30’s +): High Priest of the Inca.  Authoritarian.

Challcuchima (mid 20’s +): Incan General.  Aggressive, and distrusting of the Spanish.

A Chieftain (any age)

A Village Headsman (any age)

Manco (any age): a messenger

Felipillo (late teens – early 20’s): a Mayan that serves as Pizarro’s interpreter.  Conniving, self-centred, deceitful.  Totally untrustworthy.

An indeterminate number of non-speaking Incas, including two of Atahuallpa’s wives.