Where’s My Money? – March 29th 2023 6:30pm

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Where’s My Money? – March 29th 2023 6:30pm



Where’s My Money? is a play that seizes your attention from the get-go, with six characters weaving a plot of brutal and callous honesty, interwoven with lies and deceit. A deeply black satire of marriage, divorce, unhappiness, infidelity – and of course MONEY, which features as a driving motivation of human actions. The show features two small-time Brooklyn divorce lawyers and the women in their lives.

Sardonic and caustic, Where’s My Money? vivisects the institution of marriage with John Patrick Shanley’s inimitable razor-sharp wit. Where’s My Money? premiered in 2001 at the Center Stage space by LAByrinth Theatre Company off-Broadway in New York, and was subsequently produced by the Manhattan Theatre Club (MTC) later that year. Since then the popular black comedy has had seasons across the US.

This production season by Wellington Repertory is the show’s New Zealand premiere.

Is it a comedy? Is it a drama? Either way, Wellington Repertory’s first production of 2023 is worth viewing to find out!