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2020 Seasons Passes available now!

Simply head for our bookings page, and book WAGED tickets to each of our amazing 2020 shows!  For each complete set of 4 tickets (1 per show), that’s a $15 discount – and a free membership to Wellington Repertory Theatre!

OR if you can’t decide your performance dates yet – buy a Seasons Pass Gift Voucher for $100; ideal for Christmas, and then have some more time choose your performances

Our 2019 Sponsors!

Wellington Repertory Theatre acknowledges the support of the following in supporting our 2019 Season

2019 Season Sponsor

Paula and Tania are one of the most effective and respected partnerships in the Wellington residential real estate market. They have worked together since 2005 and have a track record of delivering the very best outcomes for their clients due to their highly complementary skills and styles.

“Wellington Repertory’s clear focus on its own outcomes and audiences resonate well with our own values” explains Paula. “Working as a team ourselves, we know the collaborative effort it takes to deliver” adds Tania.

2019 Wine Sponsor

United, independently owned and established in 2004, have moved beyond the traditional wine club to work directly with leading wineries across Australia and around the world.

As well as supporting Wellington Repertory, United will also offer a special discount to all the organizers & performers involved this year with WRT – another great incentive to supporting us on our shows!

Something for everybody

For the first time in many years, we are performing a season comprising 4 shows, with performances at the Gryphon Theatre and the Hannah Playhouse.  Come along and join the fun!



Apr 3rd – 13th
Gryphon Theatre
directed by Matt Todd

A story of the conquest of Peru – the defeat by 167 men of a highly organized empire of 24 million people. Francisco Pizarro is the embittered, defiant commander of the invading Spanish and Atahuallpa, is the Incan king, Sun god-upon-earth. Between the two there grows a deep and understanding friendship.


Jun 22nd – 29th
Hannah Playhouse
directed by Ewen Coleman & Saar Cohen-Ronen with musical direction by Saar Cohen-Ronen

The Threepenny Opera is a “play with music” by Bertolt Brecht, offering a socialist critique of the capitalist world. It features songs and ballads throughout the performance, including “Mack the Knife”, as well as a large cast.


Jul 31st – Aug 10th
Gryphon Theatre
directed by Neil Haydon and Oliver Mander

Black Comedy is a farce, featuring a reversed lighting set: when the lights are ‘on’, we see nothing but darkness; when they are ‘off’, we see the characters behaving as if they were in a black-out. Brindsley, a sculptor, has invited a millionaire to see his work…a short circuit wrecks the evening.


Nov 20th – 30th
Gryphon Theatre
directed by Sandy Brewer with musical direction by Sue Windsor and choreography by Clinton Meneses

From Broadway to the Gryphon! When blind date newbie Aaron is set up with serial-dater Casey, a drink at a New York restaurant turns into a hilarious high-stakes dinner. As the date unfolds, the couple quickly find that they are not alone on this unpredictable evening. Can they turn dating disaster into something special?


drama and fun
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Wellington Repertory Theatre has been part of the Wellington theatre community for over 90 years.

Our mission is to attract, inspire and engage audiences, performers and supporters through our shared love of theatre. We welcome new members, both on-stage or behind-the-scenes.

We aim to grow our audience, produce a variety of shows that appeal to a broad range of people and maintain WRT as a respected voice within the Wellington theatre community.

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