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We are getting ready for The ThreePenny Opera!

Audition DatesFebruary 16th – 17th, 10:00am – 2:00pm each day

Where:  Brooklyn Scout Hall, 24 Harrison St, Brooklyn
(take the #7 bus to the Brooklyn Bus Hub, or a short 2 minute drive from the City)

Not really an opera, nor cabaret, and as far away from a Disney musical as you can imagine!

The Threepenny Opera is a dark and unconventional musical comedy about poverty, morality,  and society’s treatment of the poor and underprivileged. This hilarious parody wanders around London’s depraved underbelly, populated by crooked lawmen, slimy thieves, deceitful beggars, and vengeful prostitutes.

We are looking for actors who can sing, but who are first and foremost actors. A London accent would help (cockney or other), and the delivery needs to be rough around the edges. All roles are sordid but with a subtle comic edge. Some (Mack the Knife in particular) need to be scary, others – slightly mad. The production will not be appropriate for younger audiences, for its use of language and sexual themes.

The ensemble has a singing and acting role. You need to be able to carry a tune, but don’t have to be a natural singer. No preparation needed for the audition, which will be a group audition. We will teach you a song and see how comfortable you are in a group of actors.

The principals will be auditioned individually and should prepare a song that showcases their vocal range, in accordance with the role you audition for. Best to bring your music with you on a Bluetooth friendly device. Cross gender auditions are welcome.  No age requirements for the ensemble.  Wheelchaired and disabled actors are particularly welcome.

Contact auditions@wellingtonrepertory.org.nz to book your slot!

The Characters

Character Age Range Description
Polly Peachum 20’s The ingenue of the show.  A ‘busy bee’ who transforms into a strong businesswoman.

Soprano, C4 – F#5.  3 solos, 3 duos and a trio.  6/9 scenes

Mack the Knife 40-50’s A scary criminal with a quiet charisma and a commanding presence

Tenor D3 – G4.  2 solos, 3 duos, 1 trio  5/9 scenes

Mrs Peachum 45-60’s A worrying mother, a scornful wife, sings a particularly naughty song

Mezzo-Soprano C4-E5.  1 solo, 1 duo, 2 trios

Mr Peachum 50-60’s The regulator of all beggars, runs a shady business to survive. Tends to preach and burst into long monologues.

Baritone C3 – E4.  2 solos, 1 duo, 1 trio

Low-Dive Jenny 30-40’s An over-the-hill prostitute who has seen it all. Bitter and cynical.

Mezzo-soprano or Soprano B3 –F5.  2-3 solos, 1 trio

Jackie ‘Tiger’ Brown 45-60’s The corrupt head of police, weak.

Baritone, G#2 – E4.  1 solo, 1 duo

Lucy Brown 20’s Steals the show. A comic energy bomb with a jealousy complex. Special welcome for an operatic voice

Soprano, E4 – A5.  1 solo, 1 duo

Mack’s Gang: Matt, Jake, Rob, Walt, Ed All ages A clumsy-comical version of the Reservoir Dogs gang. Female actresses welcome.

males – tenors, females – all ranges.  2 gang songs + ensemble

Constable Smith older A comic caricature of a policeman, incompetent and bribable.

Not a singing role

Filch 20’s A young beggar.

Not a singing role

Reverend Kimball over 40 A small part, but necessary at the wedding.

Not a singing role

Ensemble (Beggars, prostitutes, cops) all ages Everyone welcome, special welcome for wheelchaired and disabled actors.

All ranges, ensemble pieces